Why do we love trees. Why do we seek grandmother tree

We know. Our raw intuitive selves know. We feel the wisdom. The connection the community of trees. We feel the grandmother anchoring her tap root deep deep into our vessel connecting us to all that is. Connecting her to her anchor her root her purpose of being.
We are called to the wood to the tree to the bark to find peaceful acceptance of just being
Here in the dark shadows and dappled lights we catch glimpses of our souls, the unity of lights. Lights of fellow souls, of angels, of fairies, dragons and unicorns. Here all things are possible, all things just are.

Envelope me oh holy grandmother,hold me in your roots. Lead my tap. My root. To anchor deep with in to form part of the wholly existence of being a part of this life. For in life there is death as a forest shows us with ease. The old the tired the rotten they bring new life afresh.

With grace and gratitude

Diane Sidebottom 

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