Balance Old Woman

To be the best
Be the first, be the last, be the only
Be yourself

What we are running from is often what we are running towards.
We live in a world of plays of importance. Centred on having stuff, so much stuff so that our life drawing board is so cluttered there is no space to gift our art of being.
We buy it all up. We stuff ourselves in this game of life and find that we are out of balance.
So we enter a path of giving giving giving. We loose ourselves daily by giving. We think we are saints because we give all we have. Wait sainthood is not one who is giving giving giving. Sainthood is one who loves the soul in all beings including one’s self. Here is the balance.
So return to the call of grace, hear her call, feel her ache. Be a seed planter, a harvester, in a world of give and take.

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