Plants are people and people are plants.
It is our journey to honour the plants our cousins our lovers our mothers.

Honour the plant people the gift to our earth
Learn the lessons of living in harmony together.

When you go to harvest don’t take everything, and leave the first shoot as a blessing as a gift as a root for regrowth.
Ask permission, explain why you need the harvest
Listen for the answer, yes talk to the plant and take the time to listen, and if it is no walk away.
Take only what you need, there is no room for greed.
Use everything you take, there is a use for everything.
When you harvest minimize harm to the earth around you.
Be grateful for the harvest.
Share with your neighbours there is much to go around.
Reciprocate the gifts by spreading seeds, and defending plants.
As humans this is our calling in the agreements of time.

We are all part of the web, the creation of life, no one above or below just one.

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