We override our emotions using our intellect.
Maybe I am not as happy as a pretend to be on Facebook

Maybe I am not as awake as I think I am.
How am I going to be happy, how am I going to fulfil my dreams? A lot is about I. We need to shift that.
Love is the key for humanity. How can we love others if we do not love ourselves.

Give and Grow

It’s not about giving money it’s about getting out with the people.

Always trying to fit in
Masks that we pick up. We are masks-
We become something we are not.
What I do makes sense. What I do builds for the future what I do makes me happy. This is the lie
Trying to be someone you are not is exhausting.

Believe in You
When you give love,You get back love.
Value and respect who you are at the core.

Our ability to impact other people.

Use your story to help people. … value and worth.
Can you be vulnerable with yourself
Being present. Not being caught up in what does not matter
We need to be seen
Being present with the people and giving yourself that is the gift.
Stop making the journey about you

Act of kindness increasing value of your life. Genuine connection
Give unconditionally. That is when huge growth begins
Bring nature adventure and space to us
Intuitive connection to nature
Hikes that are quiet and peaceful and connected 
Are you comfortable looking into your own face
Is there something more than you are doing right now.
Is there only emptiness at the achievement of each goal. What is missing.
Not good enough.
What is your story what evolves you.
Help other people uncover their gift.
Travel the journey that you take with yourself.

Do I have enough to give. Am I qualified. Lead into conversation.
Uncover your gift.
Give and grow.
Only Human

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