I am Diane Sidebottom, and I am a human being.
I am flawed,
I am imperfect,
I am accepting my flawed imperfections. I have spoken out of turn, through ignorance, pressure and fear against many aspects of humanity – and our world.
Despite that I have opened the path. I love and accept myself. I am a human being I am flawed and imperfect. Growing and changing adapting evolving.
So while I do not stand up guilt free of judgements of others, I do stand now and make a conscious choice to be growing and changing adapting evolving.
I can choose to re-act or I can choose to adapt- change evolve and grow.
I stand before you now, offering a platform of change, of growth and acceptance.
So let’s get naked in a metaphoric way.
Opening the inner Be-auty revolution perhaps our path in evolution.

In grace and kindness
Diane Sidebottom

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