Trite look at humanness

This body. This suit of skin is temporary. You have a body. You are not a body.
It is expected to expire. To run its course.
And when it’s done you release it and take rest while determining your next body.

When we pick an easy body and life and our world is easy we don’t learn very much. When we select a tough body. Difficult circumstances events handi caps, mental, physical and/or spiritual we learn a lot while here. We burn through awakenings.

Dying people can teach us so much about life. We just need to be present for them and listen to them

Get to the point where we don’t run from death but we run toward it

You learn a lot when you learn to be humble

Coffins don’t have luggage racks so why do we collect so much stuff. Because we are going and it is staying. It is not treasures it’s next seasons garage sale fodder

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